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Noa Moko

Co-founder / DP
Noa is the owner and co-founder of Moko Productions Ltd. He brings with him, 12 years of experience in communications, advertising and film production.
Stee, Moko Fiji

Sitiveni Weleilakeba

Camera Op/Junior Video Editor
Stee joined out team in 2019 and has worked his way up to being a junior video editor. He takes challenges that are laid before him - head on!
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Chanel Rukulawe

Chanel started interning for us earlier this year. A great team player and eager to learn new skill and constantly improve herself.
Paul Moko, Co-owner Moko Productions Fiji

Paul Moko

Paul is the co-founder of the company. He handles other business relations.
Nemani Turogo, Moko Fiji

Nemani Turogo

Senior Graphic Artist
Nemani is our Graphic Design guru. He brings with him 25years of experiences in the field of design & graphics. He has also done work for major brands in Fiji through the course of his career.
Christine Mallam, Moko Fiji

Christine Mallam

Production Manager
Christine has been with company from the get-go, managing the day to day business and administration needs of the company. She now manages and oversees all projects