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Noa Moko

Co-founder / DP
Noa is the owner and co-founder of Moko Productions Ltd. He brings with him, 12 years of experience in communications, advertising and film production.
Stee, Moko Fiji

Sitiveni Weleilakeba

Camera Op/Junior Video Editor
Stee joined out team in 2019 and has worked his way up to being a junior video editor. He takes challenges that are laid before him - head on!
Paul Moko, Co-owner Moko Productions Fiji

Paul Moko

Paul is the co-founder of the company. He handles other business relations.
Christine Mallam, Moko Fiji

Christine Mallam

Production Manager
Christine has been with company from the get-go, managing the day to day business and administration needs of the company. She now manages and oversees all projects